The Lipstick Diary ZA (collab)

This article is written by Larissa - the owner of the blog called: The Lipstick Diary ZA.
(DO: Check out her blog. It's full of fashion, glam, beauty and all that jazz. Thank you for this lovely collaboration Larissa, we adore you!)
"I have made another INSTA-discovery so I believe it’s my DUTY to share with you even though I should keep it all to myself, but it is almost too beautiful to keep a SECRET. Sometime last month I was FOLLOWED on Instagram by {We Wear Gems}, a LOCAL jewellery business, I immediately went to check out the page [I almost always do this] & completely fell INLOVE with what I saw. It is owned by a TALENTED young lady named Dhrital Kalan who makes most of the pieces you will find ADVERTISED on their Instagram & Facebook pages.
The GREAT part about We Wear Gems is the fact that it’s PROUDLY South African & each piece is made from scratch by Dhrital. If I tell you the PRICE range you would not believe me, even her most elaborate works of ART are a major steal. It is the most budget FRIENDLY quality jewellery stop but most importantly great service with a SMILE.
Dhrital sent me some of her BEST SELLERS as well as pieces she had not yet showcased & ironically enough I got to WEAR them on my birthday. I love everything UNIQUE including the comeback of the CHOKER so this was right up my ALLEY. You are bound to FIND something you love; from the daintiest of necklaces to the edgiest chokers, We Wear Gems is the one to BEAT!
Thank you ‘We Wear Gems’ for my SPECIAL pieces, I adore them!"