Septum review by EverythingSah

Review by @everythingsah on the We Wear Gems clip-on Septum Rings

"Hey babes so recently I was given an awesome opportunity to try some faux nose and septum rings by We Wear Gems. 

Nose and septum rings can be quite daunting especially to parents. If it doesn’t look right and you end up taking the piercing out it can take ages to heal or worse, leave a nasty scar. 

The dreaded C. COMMITMENT. But don’t worry, it’s not permanent! I think that this is a great concept especially for girls who are unsure of getting a piercing or committing to something that is so long term. 

The septum rings are so easy to apply and don’t hurt at all. They’re insanely pretty and the designs are to die for. I love how creative and pretty the patterns on them are. They have a large variety and come in silver as well as gold. You can even choose ones with studs for that extra glam. 

The nose rings are my absolute favourite. I’ve always wanted a nose ring but I was always scared to do it plus my mother would disown me so that was a major no no. The nose rings are super cute and come in gold as well as silver. They have a cute little diamond on the side and are the perfect size. I was always worried that I wouldn’t have the right nose to be able to pull a nose ring off but these babies were a perfect trial run. They add a bit of an extra flare to your look. I loved pairing my nose ring with a thick, bold cat eye and a pretty matte lipstick.

I would definitely recommend We Wear Gems as they are beyond affordable and have the cutest and latest jewellery. They are super helpful and delivery is insanely fast. 

Their Instagram: @weweargems"

Thank you beautiful Sahaar for this lovely review - we're so happy to see you rocking these septums! (@everythingsah on Instagram)

PS, all of our Septums and nose rings are on SALE!

Nose Rings start from R30 and Septum start from R60


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