Tutorial: How to apply henna

How to apply Henna on hands
Henna is a wonderful natural colour stain that leaves a beautiful maroon stain on hands.
Even though it is most common for Indian brides to apply henna, it is loved by people worldwide as it is a form of art that you are able to apply on your body. 
The best part is that it is a temporary tattoo and thus, you may set your mind free.
Below, we show you how to apply henna from scratch using the We Wear Gems Golecha henna that has been imported from India. 
This henna is clinically tested and made with natural ingredients.
Step one:
Uncap your cone of henna and keep a tissue at hand.
Step two:
Cut the tip of the cone very slightly.
Step three:
Lay your hand down
Step four:
Hold the henna cone as if you're holding a spoon. This was your henna doesn't smudge.
Step five:
Apply to hand and set your imagination free
Leave to dry for +/- 20 minutes to dry then wash off with soap.
A gorgeous maroon will appear.
This henna lasts on hand for approximately 1 - 2 weeks.
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