Feature blogger: Angelique Truter

Feature of the week: Angelique Truter

This week we feature a guest blogger - Angelique Truter.
Angelique's blog is called AngelUnique and can be read here:
Here's a bit more about this babe:
"I am a girl, well some would say woman now that I am 20, living in Cape Town. Only the mother city of like the whole world! I LOVE IT HERE! I am busy studying education at CPUT  campus in Wellington. – I love kids. I LOVE to always look finished and I will never step outside the house without doing my hair and painting my face!"
The review below is written by Angelique and features on her blog.
We love you and your style Angelique - Thank you for the feature!
Happy Reading Gems,
We Wear Gems
                                   REVIEW: WE WEAR GEMS

So this cute little package came in the post today – filled with goodies! Oh how I love surprises!…Want to know what it was?….


Beautiful jewelry pieces made by the talented Dhrital Kalan, a proud South African and the owner of We Wear Gems. I love local businesses and it is yet these people we need to keep our eyes on – they have the most stunning pieces right under our noses!

I’ve always been quite the boho babe but it faded away when “Boho” became a trend, and shops decided to make the jewels and clothing way to expensive. By opening the cute little package I discovered the prettiest and petite boho jewels AND no they were not expensive at all… starting at prices from about R30.. It’s a joke.

We Wear Gems is less than a year old and all jewellery is made in a 2m(squared) corner filled with dreams and aspirations. This is still a very young business, but has a great amount of potential for the bohemian lifestyle and Indian culture babes.


Shipping costs are as follows:

  • Standard shipping: Spend between R0 and R100 and pay R50 for shipping.
  • Discounted shipping: Spend between R100 and R300 and pay R29 for shipping.
  • FREE shipping if you spend over R300.

I wear, We Wear Gems!



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