Meet the intern: Kishana Naidoo

Meet the intern

(written by Kishana Naidoo)

Hello everyone, I am Kishana Naidoo the new social media intern for We Wear Gems!!

My friends call me Kiki. I am 18 going on 19. I am currently at Vega School of Brand Leadership studying a BA in Brand Building and Management so I'm sure you can kinda tell brands are my thang ? I am completely in love with the whole process of taking a simple concept and turning it into something powerful that adds value to the lives of people.

My plans for the future include being the best social media intern at We Wear Gems ☺️, start my own blog, start a business, get involved in television and the list goes on ...

Some details about me... I am right brained so I am a creative, I see the world is high definition. My favorite colors right now are gold and emerald green (they change all the times). I don't have a fashion God because I have such a wide appreciation for so many designers and fashion bloggers.
On my day off I love to be out and about exploring my city with friends, cocktails are usually involved. Sunday is the most relaxed day of my week, I go to church and after that it's straight chilling with my family. 
I want to do and achieve great things so join me on my journey!
Follow me here: 
Instagram: kishana_naidoo
Facebook: Kishana Naidoo
Kishana models the We Wear Gems:
  • Fringe Choker
  • Statement X Coin Crazy Necklace
  • Silver half-body chain (coming soon)
  • Ellie Choker (coming soon)

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