Behind the Brand

Hi :)

My name is Dhrital and welcome to my escape known as We Wear Gems.

We Wear Gems was founded on 13 April 2015, midst honours exams whilst procrastinating, as us students are masters at. It was always my passion to make jewellery as I have been doing so since my early teenage years.

But ever since my adult years and Bcom degree, I have decided to turn this little hobby into a business. 

Most of our products are sourced from scratch, handmade & packaged by myself and wow, it makes my heart really warm to see happy customers posting pictures with #WWG goodies on.

10 Facts about me:

  1. I love South African House Music
  2. Pugs & pictures of puppies make me smile all day.
  3. I love spending time creating unique jewellery.
  4. Point 3 is done only on weekends as I have a full time job.
  5. I love vinyl (I have a kickass record player omg)
  6. I love great photography (my camera roll consists of about 2000 + pictures of the sky and 1000+ selfies)
  7. I love sunsets 
  8. Watermelon
  9. Family time is my favourite time.
  10. I enjoy learning (about people, about businesses, about creatives and generally about everything else)

So, here's a warm welcome to the We Wear Gems family <3

Feel free to email us /DM on Instagram/ Instant message on Facebook us on all our contact channels with any complaints or compliments or even requests and I will personally reply to all your queries.


Dhrital (pronounced drie-thil and 3tal for short)

Instagram: dhritalkalan

Facebook: Dhrital Kalan

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